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We are so proud and excited about the relaunch of our Pre and Postnatal Programs, which are now available in comprehensive PDF Guides and as guided video programs on the fitmom app. 


Ash Iovino

Hi, I am Ash, mother of 3, certified PT, and the creator of fitmom. I coach, educate, & support women to take control of their lives & get fitter, healthier & stronger.
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Sweat28 Dumbbell Edition: Join us for 28-minute workouts using dumbbells only. With a commitment of 3 workouts per week over 4 weeks, you'll experience targeted sessions: 1 for upper body, 1 for lower body, and 1 full-body live workout. Now available on the fitmom app.
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Listen to my two-part interview with Marisa, from TheStream. We discuss all things related to women’s heath, ditching fad diets, calorie deficits, macronutrient targets, strength training, and how to set yourself up for long-term success by putting the correct habits in place to reach your goals.

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